HYDROTHERMAL SPA FORUM – The Expert Alliance in Spa Supply



The Expert Alliance in Spa Supply

The HYDROTHERMAL SPA FORUM is an alliance of companies from the spa sector. We aim to exchange information and technical novelties with our worldwide partners as well as to implement standards within the industry.

The Companies behind the HTSF

Werner Dosiertechnik

www.wdt-dosing.com – control and dosing systems


Werner Dosiertechnick

Control and dosing systems

Our company has been founded 35 years ago. Today we develop, produce and distribute an extensive and comprehensive product range of measuring, control and dosing systems for the disinfection of public and private swimming pools, as well as control, dosing and attraction systems for wellness facilities. From our point of view it is a necessary core competetence to undestand the application areas of our products and its associated technical systems as a total, to be able to transfer this know-how to our partners


  • Experience showers
  • Technique for steam rooms (aroma pumps, LEDs
  • Technique for saunas (auto splash, LEDs)
  • Nebulisation of brine solution
  • Foam for hammam massages
  • Foot bath sputtering system
  • Room aromatisation
  • Central control systems
  • Fragrances, brine solution, foam agent


www.sommerhuber.com – Heat Storing Ceramics

Spa Design with Heat Storing Ceramics

The Sommerhuber Ceramic Manufacture produces special Heat Storing Ceramics for body-contact surfaces in Spas. Because of their specific characteristics, Heat Storing Ceramics are used especially where there is a body-contact with the surface. Large-area pieces result in less joints.
Heat Storing Ceramics emit mild, long infrared waves almost exclusively in the spectrum of infrared C.
These gentle infrared waves touch only the first layers of the skin making them especially soothing and relaxing for the human body and mind.

  • Heated Loungers
  • Heated Benches & Seats
  • Ceramics for Steam Rooms & Tepidariums
  • Hamam Tables
  • Healing Clay Spas
  • Foot Basins

HygroMatik SPA

www.hygromatik.com – steam bath generators

We humidify the air for your well-being.

HygroMatik steam generators are: 

Steam generators are the key element for steam baths, sauna areas and relaxation rooms. In spa and wellness facilities, regulated heat and hygienic steam ensure clean, healthy air humidity which helps to relax, rejuvenate and stay well.  

HygroMatik offers the perfect product fit for every spa application.

  • Easy to operate and low maintenance
  • Reliable with extensive service life
  • Proven quality and highest safety standard
  • Economical with optimised unit performance
  • Environmentally friendly with
    reusable/replaceable components

Lux Elements

www.luxelements.com – wetroom constructions

Wetroom constructions

Our range of products extends from construction panels and standardised system building kits to constructions for wellness and bathing environments.

  • Standard and custom-made products
  • Tried and tested building materials
  • Professional advice and support
  • Optional accessories
  • Quick assembly even with large items
  • Proven quality

Unbescheiden Baden-Baden

www.unbescheiden.com – spa and hydrotherapy equipment

Advanced equipment for health and well-being.

Unbescheiden GmbH develops convincing solutions for the spa, wellness, therapeutic and medical sectors since 1869. The company’s experience is shown in the functionality of it‘s sophisticated products with their numerous possible applications and easy handling.

  • Hydrotherapy tubs
  • Dry floatation beds for body wraps
  • Wet tables
  • Showers
  • Beds for dry hydromassage

SnowBOX GmbH

www.snow-industries.com – snowmaking technology for event, spa & industry

As one of the leading technical snow companies worldwide SnowBOX offers all kind of snow and ice highlights for spa & health e.g.


  • Snow rooms and cabins
  • Snow showers
  • Snow or ice fountains
  • Outdoor snow areas
  • Therapeutic snowmaking

In consideration of the customer’s wishes and requirements we will assist you in selecting, planning and realizing your snow project.

We provide SNOW-INDUSTRIES products
and 365 days snow solutions for event, spa & industry.

SnowBOX develops special snowmaking technologies and provides SNOW-INDUSTRIES products including 365 days snow solutions for spa & health, events & entertainment, SnowDomes & SnowPLAY, industry & research as well as wintersports.

Our handout to the HTSF

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