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SnowFALL SF800 – Snow Shower presented on Aquanale, Cologne


There is no product with a more exclusive real snowflake structure on the global market. It is simply unbelievable, but true!


The SnowFALL snowmaking system is the only product in the world that creates a true falling snowflake structure in plus-degrees temperature. All other existing indoor ceiling snowmaking systems consist of slush, crushed or flake ice. If you want to experience the exclusive feeling of real snowflakes, SnowFALL is the only and right choice.


Our patented SnowFALL snowmaking systems are principally designed for ambient temperatures above 0°C and can be used as snow showers as well as in frigidaria, snow cabins, snow playgrounds or snow igloos. This state-of-the-art technology for snowmaking at plus zero degrees is recommended for all types of snow spa projects due to its wide range of applications.


Watch out for yourself here: SnowFALL - https://www.snow-industries.com

Features of SnowFALL series are:

  • Real natural snow
  • Intensive and constant snowfall
  • Snowmaking up to +40°C
  • Lead time snowmaking 10–30 sec.
  • Various designs and configurations
  • Snowmaking with air and water only, no additives used
  • No room refrigeration required, we recommend cooling to 4°-18°C
  • Snow system for installation in an individual on-site shower or snow room cabin


Advantages of SnowFALL technology:

  • real exclusive snowflake quality
  • compactness of the system
  • easy installation
  • flexibility in operation
  • high energy efficiency
  • low maintenance costs


SnowFALL product documentation is also available online for download:

Product information SnowFALL - https://www.snow-industries.com