an alliance of industrial companies from the spa sector

The International Hydrothermal Spa Forum is an alliance of industrial companies from the spa sector, who are aiming at the exchange of information and technical novelties with their global partners and customers.


Lux Elements is an experienced specialist in the production of polystyrene hard foam and in processing products for the building, sanitary and spa markets.


The range of products provided by WDT Werner Dosiertechnik contain techniques for swimming pool and drinking water treatment as well as dosing systems.


HygroMatik SPA is a manufacturer of all the various types of air humidifier systems like Steam Humidifiers, Steam Generators, Atomisers and Dehumidifiers.


Sommerhuber Ceramic Manufactory is the leading European manufacturer for large area heat storage ceramic for private and public spas. The ergonomically shaped or straight lined large area ceramic represent optimal hygiene and offers the beneficial, calm infrared heat radiation that promotes relaxation and maintaining of vitality.“


SnowBOX devolpes special snowmaking technologies including solutions for snowrooms and snowcabins which stand out by high reliability and easy handling. As one of the leading technical snow companys worlwide SnowBOX offers all kind of snow and ice highlights (e.g. snow or ice fountains, snow showers, ice walls,  outdoor snow areas, technical snowmaking etc.). In consideration of the customer´s wishes and requirements they will assist you in selecting, planning and realizing your snow project.


Unbescheiden is a family-operated business with a rich tradition. A collection of state of the art spa and hydrotherapy equipment meets the highest standards and allows outstanding treatments. Discover the hydrotherapy tubs, the dry floatation system for body wraps, Vichy showers or the Medyjet for hydrojet massages.