What does the Hydrothermal Spa Forum stand for and why was it founded?

For a long time now the wish for technical quality standards at an international level has become increasingly perceivable in the spa sector.


The six companies Lux ElementsHygroMatik SPAWDT Werner Dosiertechnik, Sommerhuber, Unbescheiden
and SnowBOX – organisers of the USER CONFERENCE, which was originated in 2006 – have set their aims at forcing on this development, making use of their professional know-how.


This gave cause to the foundation of the “Hydrothermal Spa Forum”. Visitors find information here on the fields of “building physics”, “air humidification”, “fragrance and aroma technology” as well as “heating technology” in the form of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). The user has at his or her disposal a contact form, by means of which new topics or queries on pending projects can be submitted.


Specialists from Lux ElementsHygroMatik SPAWDT Werner DosiertechnikSommerhuberUnbescheiden and
SnowBOX will process the inquiries and add them to the FAQs, so that the information archive grows continuously.


The offer is rounded off by current reports and facts from the spa industry.


In addition to the virtual “Hydrothermal Spa Forum”, the companies involved will organise annual sector meetings within the environment of an international spa trade fair in order to make new personal contacts and intensify existing ones.